January 23, 2019

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Prince Georg Christian von Lobkowicz.

February 22, 2020

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Lamborghini Off Road Dreams Part 2: Taking the Bull By the Horns

Fotos Below:  Pietro Frigerio as I met him surveying lesser mortals at the Huntington Beach cars and Copters Show and on the day of the test drive sitting in his fantastic LM002. 

               At the beginning of June, I finally got the opportunity to drive Pietro Frigerio’s mighty LM002 that I had spotted at Cars and Copters in Huntington Beach a few weeks ago. Even more than thirty years after it first made its public appearance at the 1982 Monaco Grand Prix, the Lamborghini Militare 002 still makes everything else on the road pale in comparison. Certainly, the new Urus is far superior in terms of comfort, convenience, power and performance. But the LM002 has an almost infinite abundance of something few cars today have even a whiff of – gravitas. Already at Huntington Beach, I was surprised that everything including the Rezvani Tank was outshone by the sheer presence of the beast from Sant Agata – even the Urus seemed to be cowering next to it. 


(Photos Below: Some interior shots of the LM002 and a close up of the Pirelli Scorpion spare tire. (The Pirelli Scorpion was designed for this car but this tire is one of the original ones with the so called "sand lip" which are no longer available so Pietro keeps his on the back for Historical Decoration. Then some shots of the Lamborghini Certification Documents in their black presentation box that Pietro received after the car was certified by Lamborghini Polo Storico. Finally the LM002 supervising the rambunctious Grandkids at Lamborghini of Newport Beach. )